Career Transition for the Soul


Hi, I’m Roni Chambers

I once had an amazing corporate career with an equally amazing salary and robust package of benefits. I had dedicated my life to my career and that company and expected to retire from there. When the company was bought out by another, my safety net and security were gone. Just. Like. That.

It was the best thing for me, though I didn’t realize it at the time.

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My Mission

I want to help you take control of your career so you don’t have to worry that someone else has control over it. I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women who’ve been forced into transition or finally reached a point where they’ve had enough. Through discovery, reflection and hard work, they have risen above and beyond what they thought they could achieve and have comprehensively changed the way they think about work or career or life. My mission is to empower you to be the CEO of You.

Roni provided me with the support and guidance to recognize and live my passion. After two years of independently struggling to transition my career, Roni guided me through a systematic process of understanding myself and identifying my personal and professional career goals.
— Kathleen K.

I had the great pleasure of working with Roni through my journey in finding a better opportunity and career path. Her guidance, insight, direction, and sharing of her own experience has been priceless.
— Nick M.