When people tell me, "I tried everything you said, and I visualized… but it didn't work." I always ask, what weren't you willing to do? "Well, I certainly couldn't move my entire family to another part of the country." If that's what it takes, then you have to do that. You have to be willing to take your dreams, your affirmations, your internal pictures and make them into your reality. 

- Dr. Wayne Dyer

 This quote – its essence -- has propelled me forward for the last few decades and without it, I’m not sure where I’d be. Because I was (and remain) willing, I’m exactly where I should be. What about you?

 The Little Engine That Could mentality that you can do, be, achieve, reach anything you want if you are compelled to go for it, is absolutely true. When you “try” but don’t get what you want, don’t ask yourself, “Why didn’t that work?” channel Dyer and ask, “What wasn’t I willing to do?”

 In the early 90s, my entrepreneurial ventures did not pan out and I was bankrupt. I also was newly divorced and a single mother to three kids. I took a leap of faith (key word) and joined Corporate America in my 30s – an environment about which I knew nothing. When my employer asked me to move to St. Louis, a thousand miles away, I duct-taped the back hatch of my car and off we went on a new adventure.

 I was willing to leave everything and everyone I knew because it meant a better life. I knew I had the resolve and grit to be successful because I’d already been successful. I had what it took and I was confident. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t fearful or nervous. I was! But I put Dyer’s words into action: I visualized a better life, put my faith in my abilities and led with that.

Shouldn’t (Should). Can’t (Can) Don’t (Do)

Today, I coach individuals who want to make a career change but can’t. Or shouldn’t. Or don’t know how. Without realizing it, those words paralyze them into doing nothing.

I meet with executive leaders, creative masters, sales people and others whose confidence has been zapped or buried because they’ve lost sight of what they’re able, willing and love to do. It takes some digging but once we mine their past and re-discover what has always made their heart sing, their confidence re-emerges, their positive attitude gains momentum and they realize they will absolutely succeed again.

Today, my success comes from doing work I love and living in my favorite space. I had always been pulled to country living and having a horse -- it was a recurring dream that grew more vivid as days turned into months and into years. Finally, I was willing to chuck my city life, despite adding a long drive to my office, to live in the place of my dreams. Now, home is on 10 gorgeous acres with a stable and 13 horses. My heart has never sung so loudly and I don’t mind the commute because it gives me time to listen (over and over) to Wayne Dyer’s words of wisdom.

 What are you willing to do to be happy, passionate and fulfilled?