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My Story

In 2010, after a successful career in Human Resources with Anheuser-Busch, Inc. I found myself in transition. Unsure of what was next for me, I started the most powerful journey of my life.

Later that year, I assumed the role of Volunteer Executive Director with GO! Network a local program providing hope and encouragement to professionals in transition. For the next three years, I had the honor to be part of this organization, while we became a 501c3, created a "transition curriculum," and helped 4,500 professionals in career transition land their next roles.

In 2013 we created Career Innovation Partners, LLC, to Inspire People Toward their Life's Work, doing this by delivering a more intentional and meaningful career transition/development path. CIP is now

These days I spend my time working with employers to invest in their most important asset, their people. I also help individuals take control of their careers like a CEO strategically drives their business.