LifeMapping – Meeting your Purpose, Passion and Potential

Finding your next position, reinventing yourself, or planning an encore career happens by managing your career as the CEO of YOU, Inc.  LifeMapping is one of the many tools I use with my clients to begin the Discovery process.  This tool can help you reclaim your own powerful story.  When was the last time you walked through your life story, or, for that matter reflected on your path at all?  Here are the building blocks for your LifeMap:

  • Gather all the tools and data from your personal and professional life that you can use to walk through this journey, such as:

    • Past Performance Appraisals

    • Assessments

    • Thank yous

    • Year Books

    • Awards, and anything else that supports your journey

  • Read, review and reconnect with all this information.

  • Write down all the important, jobs, events, people, awards etc. in your life.  It’s important to remember the feelings associated with each of these.

    Consider answering these questions as you build your LifeMap

    • What did you want to be “when you grew up?”

    • What did you love to do when you were a child?

    • What were you really good at in school, on the playground, in the neighborhood?

    • What are you passionate about?

    • What are you doing when time flies?

    • What are you doing when you feel energized?

During your peak performance periods, what was happening? What skills were engaged? What strengths were in action? 

As you build out your LifeMap, you’ll slowly begin to see patterns about yourself and your career path, that you never noticed while they were happening — or that didn’t materialize despite their constant presence or yearning. You’ll discover your true story and how all of your skills and competencies fit together. The question is….where will your map take you next?